Limited Edition Darkspore

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Maxis has released the boxart for a limited edition of Darkspore. This version will contain a unique character and also and exclusive amour pack.

Darkspore Limited Edition

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Darkspore Squads and Abilities Developer Diary

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Confirmed: No Monthly Fee for Darkspore

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MaxisYegg has confirmed that Darkspore will not have any monthly fees:


I know that some of you were thinking that there might be a monthly subscription fee for Darkspore, so I wanted to address those concerns:

There won’t be any subscription fees for Darkspore. You can buy it once and then play as much as you want.

We’ll be giving out more info on planets and heroes and updating the website soon, but we figured you guys would want to know this right away.

Source: Darkspore Forums

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Template Challenge Round 2: Winners Announced

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The winners of this challenge have been announced! Please help me congratulate the following creators for designing the most beautiful template based Raktha creatures.

Winners announced!!
1. Raktha By 0-silentium-0
2. Raktha By phoenixtaloh
3. Raktha By 0-silentium-0

Honorable Mention:
4. Spiny Raktha By Orsapolska
5. Raktha By WforWumbo
6. Raktha By WforWumbo

In game preview:


Read More at the Darkspore Forums

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BIG Download Interview with Mike Perry

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In 2008, Electronic Arts and its Maxis development studio under Will Wrightreleased the highly anticipated Spore, which used an innovative Creator Creator to allow players to create a near infinite amount of creatures and units for use in the game. While the final product perhaps didn’t live up to its high expectations, Sporestill managed to sell millions of units.

In 2009 Wright left EA but that’s wasn’t the end for Spore. The Maxis studio decided to take the franchise in a new direction with a sci-fi themed action RPG calledDarkspore that’s due out in the first quarter of 2011. Big Download got the game’s executive producer Mike Perry to give us some more info on the title.


First how did the idea come about to take the Spore franchise in this new direction?

When we finished Spore, we were blown away by the amount of creativity from players on the Sporepedia. It inspired us to experiment with the technology behind Spore, specifically the Creature Editing system, and see if it could be used to make a completely new game. So we made a few prototypes, and quickly realized that this tech would be ideal to support an Action -RPG, but with a depth of customization never before seen in the genre.

What can you tell us about the storyline for Darkspore?

Darkspore is set in a galaxy where a mutant strain of DNA has overtaken all planetary life. The mutated life forms are collectively called the Darkspore, and under the control of a mysterious being known only as The Corruptor.
As one of the last survivors of an ancient race of genetic masters, you have awakened from hypersleep with knowledge of how to reconstruct squads of Genetic Heroes, genetically engineered warriors who have the ability to survive, and succeed, in combat with the Darkspore.

How is Spore‘s Creature Creator used in the creation of characters forDarkspore?

Every Genetic Hero that is unlocked in Darkspore has its own unique name, class, type, and set of abilities that can be used in combat. The way you “level up” those characters is by collecting and adding parts to them. Parts have stats, and in an Action-RPG like Darkspore, stats directly affect gameplay. But because we are using the creature editing technology from Spore, players are able to put parts on the characters wherever they want.

What can you tell us about how the action-RPG gameplay is integrated into Darkspore?

A good Action-RPG game is all about stats, all about the second-to-second gameplay, and most of all, all about collecting loot. As an Action-RPG, Darkspore is a mouse-based PC game where you click to move, click to attack, and use the keyboard to select different abilities. As you progress through the game, you’ll visit more and more difficult levels, which will require you to bring characters with upgraded stats and different combinations of abilities. Knowing which characters and abilities to use is critical for survival, because playing through difficult levels is how you’ll collect the best loot.


Read More at The Big Download

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New Darkspore Gameplay Video

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Check out the new gameplay trailor, and take a look at there website (

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Gamespot and IGN Videos

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Gamespot recently interviewed Casey Weaver, and here is the result:

Also, IGN released a gameplay video (yes, blood):

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